App cloner Mod Apk for Android (All Premium Unlocked)

App Cloner Mod Apk For Android (All Premium Unlocked)
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App Cloner v2.17.16 Premium Mod APK allows users to clone their favorite apps, personalize them, change their colors, icons, fonts.

Name App Cloner Apk
Publisher App Listo
Version V2.17.16
Size 30 MB
Price FREE
Updated On May 15, 2024
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Do you like everything personalized and customized?  everything thing tailored to your personal preference? Even Apps on your smartphone? Yes! This is possible with a revolutionary app called App Cloner Mod Apk. This app allows users to clone their favorite apps, personalize them, change their colors, icons, fonts.  And even those apps can install multiple times on their phone and use them with different accounts.

Features Of App cloner Mod Apk

App Cloner Mod Apk For Android (All Premium Unlocked)

App Cloner Mod APK is a brilliant app for people who love to tailor everything for their perfect fit. This incredible application allows several important apps to be cloned and used separately to maintain a perfect work-life balance. for instance, FB Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. These apps when cloned act separately from their original domain and do not cause clash between apps while you can use different versions for work, personal, etc.

Some striking features of this app include: 


App Cloner helps users tweak cloned apps according to their personal desires. Users are free to change colors, names, and icons in the cloned version of the app.

Multiple Instances

App cloner enables users to download and keep several instances or copies of the same app in one device and run them with different profiles and accounts simultaneously.

Tweaking Functionality

Cloned apps can be customized in their functionality as well. Users are free to customize app settings, notifications, or any other functionality as these cloned versions operate independently from their parent app.


App Cloner is compatible with a large number of apps found on Google Play Store. This feature enables users to clone almost any app found on Play Store and tweak it to their personal delight.


By cloning some useful apps you can secure sensitive data from being mistakenly sent to the wrong recipients hence enhancing the privacy and security of your data.

Premium Options

The App Cloner offers some premium features like passwords or pins for cloned app versions, incognito mode, and the ability to remove App permissions.

Regular Updates

The developers of the app are keen to make its functionality better by removing bugs and updating it with modern features regularly.

App cloner Premium Mod Apk

App Cloner Mod Apk For Android

The app Cloner App offers quite impressive premium features that are available upon payment but App Cloner Mod Apk excitedly offers all cool stuff for free. Some of its incredible features include:

  • Create multiple versions of your desired apps.
  • Customize settings of cloned apps. Change the name, color, icon, and even app permissions.
  • Install various cloned versions on the same device without causing interruptions
  • The cloned app can be assessed with separate login credentials to ensure privacy
  • Installed App can be installed on separate devices and even shared with friends


All the feature of App Cloner Premium apk are fantastic and very appealing for android users. Even you can customize your application settings in your phone. App cloner Premium Mod Apk includes all premium unlocked which is a great charm for this app lover. So, download this app, enjoy these all features and also share with your friends.

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