Geometry Dash Apk Version 2.11 (Unlimited Money)

Geometry Dash Apk Version 2.11 (Unlimited Money)
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Geometry Dash Apk updated Version download, This game featuring multiple characters that run and jump through levels to avoid obstacles and save themselves.

Name Geometry Dash Apk
Publisher RobTop Games
Version v2.111
Size 84.7 MB
Price FREE
Updated On April 26, 2024
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If you are looking for a game for your free time, you are in the right place. Geometry Dash Apk is an exciting, and you like it the most. So many games are available online; you’ll have played most of them. Geometry Dash game is on running, so the player keeps running the whole level. It’ll face many hardships and hurdles and win gifts and boosters. If you are fond of games and interested in new games, this game is specially for you. There are unlimited levels in this game. As you go to the higher level, hurdles and hardships increase, which makes this game more interesting. You ‘ll earn money, which is used to unclose locked features. 

Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry Dash Mod Apk is another extended version, which is updated and newly designed version. In this version, access to all the features is free. If your interest is developed in this game, let’s read the article and gather all the information about it. 

What is Geometry Dash APK?

Now, friends, you have seen a lot of games in which the player keeps running and faces hurdles and rewards. Geometry Dash APK is like those games. The player in it has to go through many challenges, gifts, and boosters. 

Hurdles are not only in the down way; when the player goes up by taking boosters, he faces hurdles. But guys, the exciting thing about it is you can win a lot of money at the end of the level.

If we talk about the game's levels, they can never be finished. Upgraders, rewards, and hurdles will be upgraded at every new level. The player's speed will increase over time in the level you played.

If you pass the level without hitting any barrier, you’ll earn money at the end of the story. Collect this money and use it to open locked features in this game. The collection of money targets makes you fond of this game.

Geometry Dash Apk

About Geometry Dash APK

This is the updated version of the Geometry Dash APK. It is similar to the original Geometry Dash. In this updated version, access to all the features is free. None of the parts of it is locked. Due to its unlocked features, it gets more fame among people than its old version.

Friends, you can play this game easily, whatever your age is. All the features of this game are like its old version. I suggest you try the Geometry Dash MOD APK for your amusement. I hope that you enjoyed this game a lot.

Geometry Dash APK Features

There are so many features of this game. Let’s discuss its features.

Geometry Dash Apk Download

Unlimited Levels

One of the most essential features of this game, which makes it more popular, is its unlimited levels. Every new and upcoming level of this game increases your interest and curiosity. You can use and win new boosters and rewards when the new level starts.  


At each level of the game, you can win many rewards. Win lots of money by changing the direction of the player while running. If you play carefully, collect money, and take different boosters, then you have collected a lot of money and rewards at the end of the level. 

Game Mechanism

The mechanism of this game is very captivating. Anyone can play it easily. The player in this game is interesting because it runs continuously and passes away many barriers; it can’t stop without hitting any barrier. 

As this game is based on many levels, once you win the level, you can earn many gifts and rewards. Try it yourself, and definitely, you’ll like the mechanism and all the other things in this game.

Game Modes Option

Another exciting thing about this game is the modes of levels. You can select different modes according to your capacity or level. The different modes in the game are practice mode, accessible or easy mode, hard mode, and more challenging or harder mode.

If you are new to this game and want to practice before starting, you can go to the practice mode. There is no restriction on selecting game modes. It's all up to you which mode you choose.

Downloading Free Facility

You can download this game easily from the Google Play Store and our website. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download this game. Download it now and play. You’ll be completely lost in this game and eliminate all the extra thoughts and worries that arise in your mind for a few moments.

Habituated Game

This game proves most engaging for the game lovers. Game lovers undoubtedly played many games, but they became habituated once they played this game. 


There are ads in the Geometry Dash APK. These ads come in front of you at any time. If you want to get rid of these ads, download the updated version of this game. Another way of getting rid of ads is buying the in-app purchase feature. 

Geometry Dash Apk


Geometry Dash Apk makes its place among most people. Once you start playing this game, you’ll refuse to play another. If you face problems in this game, you can download its updated version, Geometry Dash MOD APK. This version covers all of the issues in the old version. You have access to some of its features in the old version, but in the fully updated version, you’ll have access to all the features. 


Can we download the Geometry Dash APK for free?

Yes, you can download this game for free without spending any penny.

How many levels we can play in Geometry Dash Mod APK ?

There are non-stop unlimited levels of Geometry Dash APK. You can enjoy unlimited levels in this game with rewards.

What are the different modes of Geometry Dash APK?

This game has four types of modes: practice mode, normal mode, hard mode, and harder mode.

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