Hollywood Story Mod Apk v11.12.5 (Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked)

Hollywood Story Mod Apk V11.12.5 (Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked)
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Hollywood Story Mod Apk v12.0 Unlimited Diamonds and Money, Become a star and a most beloved celebrity among the people in the game.

Name Hollywood Story Apk
Publisher NANOBIT
Version v12.0
Size 135 MB
Price FREE
Updated On May 15, 2024
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Hollywood is very famous all around the globe. The movies, dramas, and shows are liked by people all over the world. People from different countries came to work in Hollywood and wish to become Hollywood stars. Many of them didn't get this golden chance. 

Today we'll tell you about a game in which you can become a Hollywood star. Its amazing features help you in fulfilling all your desires. It has millions of users around the globe therefore, it is a top trending game. 

Its controls are so easy. You can easily understand how to play it. If you want to become a star in the game world gather the information about the game then start playing. Hollywood Story Mod Apk is the modified version which helps you to get Unlimited Money and Diamonds and all Vip Unlocked. You can become famous among the people, shoot movies, dramas, and TV shows. 

About Hollywood Story APK 

Hollywood Story MOD APK Vip Unlocked

Hollywood Story APK is a game in which you can live the life of a star and a celebrity. You can do all the things that celebrities do in real life. Your experience is so good after playing it. You’ll face and see all those difficulties and efforts that the stars do to make place in the hearts of the people.

There is no rocket science in understanding the controls of the game. In less time you'll get proficient in it. It is freely available on the internet. Download anytime when you want and start playing.

It has some defects.  These defects are not harmful and don't cause any serious issues. But they can ruin your mood and enjoyment. Many of its premium features are paid. You have to pay for those features. The other defect is ads that interrupt anything.

Features of Hollywood Story APK 

Hollywood Story MOD APK  Unlimited Money

Go to Hollywood Cities

The game provides you with a lot of cities in Hollywood. When your download the game, all the cities are locked. To unlock the cities, your hard work is required. Play the game, collect currency and open the locked cities and other things one by one.

Some of the famous cities in the game are LA, Las Vegas, and Manhattan, etc. Different cities have different opportunities that give benefits. When you get a chance to visit those cities try to avail all the opportunities in order to earn more money and fame.

Shoot Movies

If you have acting skills and want to work in the movies. Start from the beginning and shoot short movies on your own. After this view movies to the directors who watch your acting skills and tell you the results whether you are able to become an actor or not. In the beginning you'll face some difficulties but with time you become perfect.

Role of Fans

Fans play an important role in your success. If you have fans then you are a star. Make your acting videos uploaded on the internet and make fans. When you are cast in the films and fans start recognizing you then understand that your success starts.

Friendship and Dating with Celebrities 

Many celebrities are present in the game. But all of them are locked. To unlock all celebrities, pass the levels, missions, and get rewards and after that unlock the locked celebrities one by one. After that make them friends and date with them.

Graphics and Sound Effects 

The graphics and the sound effects of this platform are the reason for its popularity. When you play it everything looks realistic. It keeps you enthusiastic and you always love to play it. It demands only one thing which is your attention. Pay attention towards the game and it makes you joyful.

Customize Your Players

As a celebrity you have to groom yourself. Always look beautiful. Wear gorgeous dresses, jewelry, and shoes. In this way, your fans would be happy to see you and click photos with you. This platform provides various options of customization. Dress up your player in your own style. Change its dresses, hair color, hairstyles, and body shape as per your choice.

About Hollywood Story MOD APK 

Hollywood Story MOD APK Latest Version

You don't need to worry about issues in the game. A new updated version of the game is present that gives the solution to all the problems. This is the Hollywood Story MOD APK.

The premium features are available free of cost. Use all of them without paying any money. On the other hand, not a single advertisement spoils your mood and game. Waste the money on the necessary and unnecessary items. Use all the VIP features without any questions.

Features of Hollywood Story MOD APK 

Many of the features of the MOD version are like the actual. Some of them are different. Let's know about those features.

Hollywood Story Fashion Star

Free Access to all VIP Unlocked Features 

The MOD version gives free access to all the VIP features. These VIP features are much more expensive in the real version. To save money many people prefer to choose this version.

Get Unlimited Everything Latest Version

When you download the real version of the game you can see clearly that only some of the features are unlocked and all are locked and money is the only requirement to open them. But when you download the Hollywood Story Mod Apk version, you'll see none of the features are locked. You can use all of them (unlimited diamonds money and energy download 2023).

Get Unlimited Money and Diamonds

This version provides access to unlimited money. Spend the money everywhere you want because it is never going to be finished. So don't work so hard in earning money but focus on other tasks and make yourself a star.

Hollywood Story MOD APK Unlocked Everything


Hollywood Story MOD APK is an awesome story game including all modern fashion. Become a star and a most beloved celebrity among the people in the game. Do all those things that celebrities do in real life. Work in movies, and gain fan following. Now enough information is provided to you. Download the game, play it and become rich.


Is it possible to get all Vip Items in Hollywood Story Fashion Star for free?

Yes, you can get all VIP freatures Unlocked by downloading Hollywood Story Mod Apk, here you can get everything like unlimited money, diamonds and all features.

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