Ludo King Apk Tips and Tricks and How to play

Ludo King Apk Tips And Tricks And How To Play

Good news! You don't have to buy a dice, a token, or a board to play the childhood nostalgic game called LUDO. Ludo King Apk is the modern digitized version. You can now play it on your smartphone. It gives you the exact same feeling of rolling the dice, planning and moving your tokens, and defeating your opponents. This game is a timeless masterpiece liked by people of all age groups.

Ludo King was developed by Gametion Global in 2016. This fun dice game is a family game played among family members and friends as well as millions of players globally. This mobile adaptation of the classic game has captured millions of hearts across the globe. It is a simple game with simple rules, yet it is highly addicting.

How To Play Ludo Kin

Almost everyone knows how to play a classic ludo game.

How To Win Ludo King With Friends

Game setup: 

Ludo can be played with 2 to 4 players. 

There are four colors. Red, blue, Green, yellow. 

Each player is assigned a specific color and is provided with 4 tokens each.

Rolling The Dice: 

The game starts with rolling the dice. Players take turns to roll the dice. Once the dice rolls number 6, the token is ready for the journey on board.

Moving the tokens: 

Tokens move forward in one direction only in numbered square spaces. If you land on a square having your opponent’s token, then their token is captured and they have to restart the journey from square 1.

Safe Zone: 

The safe zone is where your token is safe from the wrath of the opponent. They are the squares labeled start and stop on either side of 4 colors. Once your token reaches the stop point by completing its round around the board, it enters a column that leads to the finish point. This column is also a safe zone.

Finishing and winning: 

The player whose all four tokens reach the end point or ‘home’ wins.This game is based on luck and strategy. You rely on numbers from rolling dice, but you plan your moves and capture the opponent's token to win.

Features of Ludo King Apk

How To Play Ludo King

The thrill of rolling dice, planning your move, and the joy of landing on the opponent’s token while reliving nostalgic childhood memories of the classic board game is priceless. The simple yet highly addicting game comes with tons of cool features. Let's dive to have a look at them.

Multiplayer game

The true essence of the game is in multiplayer mode. You can either play with your friends and family via code sharing or play randomly by anyone playing Ludo King globally. The local multiplayer mode is also available, where players present physically can play their turns and relive the board game memory like old times.

Offline Mode

In the moments of dullness and sadness when the wifi is down Ludo King does not disappoint you. You can play against the cunning bots to win. How cool is that?

Voice chat and Messages

You can chat live with your opponents and cheer, threaten, or challenge them in real-time. Who said mobile gaming is a quiet business? Lots of emo-icons are available to describe all in-game moods like happy, laughing, angry, thumbs up, and thumbs down.


You can add a bit of personality to the game by customizing the board theme and tokens. There is a large variety of themes available. The themes include the disco/night mode theme, nature, Egypt, Pinball, candy, Christmas, Diwali, marble, pirate, octopus, and the Taj Mahal to choose from.

Cross-platform fun

The fun extends to all Android and iOS devices. The desktop version is also available. The support is extended to low-end devices as well. So the fun and hours of friendly games reach everyone.

Making Buddies

While playing globally, you sometimes come across people that you like to play and chat with. This short-lived interaction can be made permanent by sending a buddy invite. If they accept, you become buddies. Whenever your buddy is live, you will know it, and you can have a game together.

Family and friends Bonding

Gather your family around and have a great family night playing this classic yet extremely exciting game. Friends can share their code and play together and unite even from different parts of the world. Ludo King unites people.

Snakes and Ladder

Snakes and Ladder is also a rolling dice board game often played along ludo. Ludo King now incorporates Snakes and Ladders as well. It is a classic game played by generations. 

The gameplay is extremely simple. There are 100 squares on board. Your token has to move the exact number that is rolled by dice. Some ladders help you climb up quickly, but there are snakes as well that make you fall low. The player to reach the 100 wins.

Tips And Tricks

Like in any other game, some tips and tricks can improve your chances of winning and having an edge over the opponent. Start with Multiple Tokens. Try starting the game with multiple tokens and spread them wisely. The strategic placement of tokens will allow you to have an advantage over the other player.

How To Play Ludo King

Block Opponent

By placing and moving your tokens strategically, you can slow the movement and advancement of your rival and make them rethink their strategy.

Use Safe Zone Wisely

Once the token reaches the home column, make it stay there for longer. This feature helps your token to avoid being hit by an opponent and send it back to square one. Also, the start and end squares are safe zones, and the tokens cannot be hit there. So, use this space wisely to plan your next move.

Prioritize taking out Tokens first.

The tokens enter into the game when the dice rolls out 6. Try to take out all the tokens at the earliest before, scattering them to the board.  

Keep an eye on your Opponent

Pay attention to the opponent's position and anticipate their next moves strategically.

Pros and Cons

Ludo Kind is a highly addicting and fun family board game. But like all other games, there are several pros and cons to it.


  • This simple yet engaging game is fun to play and kills minutes in times of boredom.
  • It is easily accessible and easy to play.
  • The multiplayer mode allows you to interact with players from all over the world.
  • The game offers a variety of modes to suit all interests, like classic, quick, offline, and more.
  • Ludo is an ancient game played in the era of kings. It is deeply familiar and evokes a sense of nostalgia while providing hours of family fun.


  • The game relies on randomness and luck factor. When luck is not on your way, and dice are not rolling the intended numbers, it causes frustration.
  • The repetitive movement of rolling dice and moving tokens around can make the game feel monotonous and can cause boredom.
  • While the game involves strategy, it is not for players seeking highly complex planning and logic.

Ludo King Snake And Ladder


Ludo has been played for centuries and continues to be a popular board game for all ages. Its digital version provides the same feeling of rolling the dice and moving the tokens. Ludo King Apk is a highly addicting and interactive game enjoyed by Millions worldwide. If you haven't played it on your smartphone up till now, just download and try it for yourself.

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