Traffic Rider Apk – Secret Playing with Amazing Tips and Tricks

Traffic Rider Apk – Secret Playing With Amazing Tips And Tricks

Do you really want to experience the Traffic Rider? Admit it, it is a real masterpiece where the wheels of a motorbike never stop. It gives a detailed experience, allowing you to have unlimited fun. Traffic Rider APK lets you have endless racing and take the game to a new level. The game features amazing modes with real graphics and stunning sounds. For smooth arcade racing, it’s time to ride your bike on the highway roads by overtaking traffic. Don’t forget to buy new bikes to overcome in-game challenges in the career mode.

So, are you ready to hit the roads with a unique motorbike?

What is Traffic Rider APK?

Traffic Rider Latest Version

Traffic Rider is the most played racing game available online. The game consists of high modifications, great specs and amazing bikes. It also comprises many challenging levels, allowing you to enhance your racing skills. The game really lets you be dynamic to dodge the vehicles. 


HD quality graphics

Download and start playing Traffic Rider APK; it feels like you have entered the real world. The entire interface lets you enjoy the bike ride with HD graphics. It possesses quality and beautiful locations. However, you will love to ride a bike in real-world scenarios. So, make your ride genuine and enjoyable with 3D graphics.

Various motorbikes

To overcome various challenges, you need different types of motorbikes or heavy sports bikes in the game. Every bike offers great performance and helps to deal with all of the challenges. Traffic rider features more than 20 bikes so that you can choose according to their speed.

Different modes

To provide gamers with real-world scenarios, Traffic Rider APK offers several different tracks as well as modes. It lets you ride a bike on grounds, streets and even mountains. Most of the roads are empty, while some get busy.

Traffic Rider New Features - Tips And Tricks


The leaderboard in the game tells you where you stand on the achievement board. You will see your status on the leaderboard according to all of the coins, rewards, badges and prizes. The quick leaderboard tab gives help to have a quick look at your achievement.


Music surely makes the game fun. It helps to engage the players for a longer time. The stunning and incredible sound, as well as the music, lets you have a more enjoyable play. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the real world.

Customization options

The game offers the best customization. You can customize the bike in terms of speed, acceleration, performance and colors. Every type of bike comes with exciting challenges. It helps to complete the challenges and allows you to progress to the next level with fun.

Use the customization to change the color and performance of the bikes. Players can select locations and change weather as well.

Beat the Challenges

Traffic Rider APK game demands a good grip in the game. The game lets you ride a bike like a professional. This feature makes the game more interesting and thrilling. The challenges get hard as the game progresses. With practice, you can learn to overcome these challenges. The player has to dodge all buildings, cars, and houses coming in the way.

How to play?

Traffic Rider Apk – How To Play Traffic Rider Latest Version

Playing Traffic Rider APK is easy. All you need is to install the game. After installing the game, click on it. The motorcycle theme will pop up. The menu is easy to use and clear. Just adjust the preferences according to the gameplay. Even the in-game menu lets you customize the bikes and enables you to choose various configuration options.

At the start of every race, players get to see two handlebars on the screen corner. The right handlebar accelerates and speeds up the bike. At the same time, the other handlebar slows it down. When the right handlebar is pulled, it turns into a brake and slows the vehicle. However, if you press the button, the vehicle either lights up or starts to get the appropriate speed.

Tips and Tricks

  • The faster you ride a bike; you can earn more scores from it.
  • If the player rides a bike over 100 km and also overtakes traffic closely, you will earn more bonus scores as well as cash.
  • For extra cash and score, you can ride a bike in two ways in the opposite direction.
  • Sometimes wheelies let you earn extra score as well as cash.


  • The game features first-person camera
  • It allows you to choose your favorite motorbike from a selection of 34 different bikes
  • It supports more than 19 languages
  • Play unlimited online with friends worldwide
  • It features a career mode with several challenges
  • You can customize the bike with more than 30 stickers


  • Various improvements and bugs are constantly being fixed.
  • The in-game ads interrupt the speed of the vehicle.

Traffic Rider Unlimited Money


Bike lovers will enjoy playing Traffic Rider APK. Its HD-quality graphics, 3D features, various vehicles and great roads give you an exceptional experience. It is true that once you have started playing this amazing game, you won't refrain yourself from playing this amazing game over and over again. The real experience exists on the road with heavy vehicles.

So, play and overcome challenges in different seasons and in mesmerizing locations.

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