PLAYit MOD APK for Android (VIP Unlocked)

PLAYit MOD APK For Android (VIP Unlocked)
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Playit Mod Apk v2.7.17.8 without Ads, is one of the most effective movie or video players. It is uniquely designed to convert audios videos in different format.

Name Playit APK
Version v2.7.17.8
Size 28 MB
Price FREE
Updated On May 15, 2024
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With the increasing use of social platforms, people love to listen to music. Individuals listen to the audio or video content that gets viral but some of the famous online social platforms do not let you download or stream the content. But Play it MOD APK, along with its powerful features, allows you to have unlimited fun. It is a versatile application that lets you play videos and music or lets you watch movies. Its helpful features allow users to interact and enjoy the media content. So, dig deeper to know how your experience will be with Playit APK.

Why to use Playit APK?

Android users love to use Playit APK. Playit APK is a useful player that allows users to play their favorite tracks and download content on the go. It is a modern yet great application. The app allows users to create exciting and unique video products. It assists you well while sharing, playing or streaming videos.


PLAYit MOD APK  V2.7.12.7 (VIP Unlocked)  Latest Version

HD music quality

Playit is a popular and well-known online video player. It comes with amazing features allowing you to watch video and audio in HD quality. Users can enjoy songs with incredible sound quality. Furthermore, you can customize or convert multimedia files into MP3, photos or video.


The app interface is user-friendly and easy to use. The main function of the app is to allow users to watch different videos. However, you can watch content of your own choice. Playit lets you experience the various functions, tools and features. It lets you play music in the background, allowing you to concentrate better on the task, especially while using the laptop.

What is Playit MOD APK?

PLAYit MOD APK Unlimited Coins

Platit MOD APK is the modified video player version. It is the VIP unlocked version that lets users use the latest and amazing features without spending any money. Playit Mod Apk is the 100% working modified version that helps to fulfil your entertainment needs with just a few clicks. You can change the format of videos, listen to music in the background or locate videos of your choice with Playit.

Features of Playit MOD APK

PLAYit MOD APK  V2.7.12.7  (VIP Unlocked) No Ads


The Playit MOD APK, video and audio player, is compatible with various devices and supports several file formats. The application works well with TS, M4V, MPG, 1080p, FLV, 4K and 3GP. Everything works ideally in the app. It scans different audio formats as well so users can enjoy the music for long hours.

Great functions

The amazing app comes with several versatile functions, allowing you to view content offline. Without any effort, users can browse through various videos or even download them. It offers the function of staying anonymous during the live sessions. Moreover, users can look for any video clip they want and download any video from the app entirely free. The files are automatically saved on the device.

Get intuitive experience

Users of the Playit app can make use of any gesture for interaction. This feature lets them interact with the app through intuitive motions. However, some straightforward motions allow to make adjustments to adjust the brightness, volume and speed. Incorporating these gestures lets you avail additional capabilities. This interaction feature is an innovative feature that gives better control to the media players.

Easy downloading

The Playit MOD APK proves to be a great downloader. If you want to download any content even from social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or TikTok, Playit works ideally for them as well. Enter the URL of the videos which you want to download in the search bar of Playit. The application finds the download source and displays the compatible quality content for the users to start downloading.


The multitasking feature lets you work on several projects at one time. it indicates that the app runs in the background, allowing you to work on a separate window according to your interest. The app does not interrupt the process of working, allowing you to listen to different podcasts or music.

Without Ads

Now, you can ignore any annoying situation. Playit Mod Apk no ads are available in this version.

PLAYit MOD APK  V2.7.12.7  All In One Video Player VIP Unlocked

Final thoughts

Playit is one of the most effective movie or video players. It is uniquely designed to work on all sorts of devices. Users can select music of their choice and create playlists for home, interest, or other work. This function plays the music accordingly and lets you convert the content anytime from MP4 to MP3. Thus, the Playit MOD APK has powerful built-in features allowing users to download and use the content for free.

So enjoy using the app and let us know your experience below in the comments.

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