Poppy Playtime APK Game Chapter 1 (Full Game)

Poppy Playtime APK Game Chapter 1 (Full Game)
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Poppy Playtime APK v1.0.8 Chapter 1 for Android, there are many dark rooms in the mysterious house, and you’ll face lots of ghosts and danger.

Name Poppy Playtime APK
Publisher Mob Entertainment
Version v1.0.8
Size 647 MB
Price FREE
Updated On May 15, 2024
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In the Poppy playtime APK, you have to find toys. This is a mysterious game. You are an employee of a toy-making company. You also love to make different kinds of toys. But the problem is some bad guys stole your toys, and you have to find those stolen toys.

There is a mysterious house where you’ll go to find toys. In the mysterious house, there are many dark rooms, and you’ll face lots of ghosts and danger. You have to dive into danger for the toys.

Some ghosts are harmless and don't attack you. But there are so many that will attack you. You need to be very careful about your life. You can use the weapons to fight with them. There is too much darkness spread everywhere, so you can use a flashlight to see the toys.

All About Poppy Playtime APK 

Poppy Playtime APK V1.1.0.8 Download

In the horror Poppy Playtime APK game, there is a mysterious house that has lots of mysteries to solve. You are an employee of a toy company, and you have to look for the lost toys. For this purpose, you have to enter the mysterious house, fight with dark brown evils, and bring the toys back.

Features of Toys Finding Poppy Playtime APK 

Poppy Playtime Mod APK V1.1.0.8 Free Download

Various Equipment for Emergency 

There are various equipment’s that you can use in the time of emergency. These equipments are very helpful for your defense. When a ghost attacks you can use the weapon for your protection and can use a flashlight to see in the darkness.

Ask For Help from the People Outside the House 

If you are in trouble and seek help from someone, then you can call the people who are present outside the house. Those people will come at your first call to rescue you.

Find Toys from the Mystery Boxes 

Someone else stole the toys from the toy company. You have to enter the mysterious house and open the mystery boxes for the toys. You can also follow the instructions on the map to find toys.

Unleash Hidden Secrets 

There are so many hidden secrets in the house, and you have to unleash those secrets. When you unleash secrets, you’ll get rewards in return. These rewards are in the form of weapons. 

Easy to Play 

This game is very easy to play. Just control the character, enter the room coming in front of you, and find the missing items of your company.

Types of Ghosts 

In the mysterious house, some ghosts are harmless; they will ask nothing of you. Some ghosts are very dangerous and can harm you. You have to fight with those ghosts.

Download the Poppy Playtime APK Premium Version

Poppy Playtime Premium APK is the latest version. This version provides a lot of helpful items. You can also upgrade your character and unlock the dark rooms. But to enjoy all the benefits, you have to pay the subscription charges for this premium version.

How to Download Poppy Playtime Premium APK version?

If you want to download the Poppy Playtime Premium APK version you have to go to any website of the game. On the websites, you can get a download link. Once you click on the link, your game will download in a few seconds. After that, go to your mobile download to access this APK file and install it.

Why do people like the Poppy Playtime Premium APK version?

Poppy Playtime APK Chapter1

The Poppy Playtime, Premium APK version, provides the items for free, and you can also upgrade your player and weapons for free. Players can unlock the locked rooms for free. These are the reasons why people like the Poppy Playtime Premium APK version.

Features of Poopy Playtime Premium Version 

No Ads

In the Poppy Playtime Premium Version, you'll not face any ads. There are no unwanted ads that disturb you.

Get Free Upgrades 

In the premium version, you'll get all the upgrades for free. You can upgrade weapons and any other thing in the game.

Get Free Items 

Many items are free in the premium version of the game. These items are helpful in fighting with the ghosts. You can get the toys back to the company.

Poppy Playtime APK V1.1.0.8 For Android


Poppy Playtime Apk is a toy-finding game. You have to find toys from the mysterious house. In the house, not only can you get back the lost toys, but you can also unleash the hidden secrets. This game is very interesting and when you play it, you’ll get enjoyment so much.

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