Prequel Mod Apk Latest Version (Gold Unlocked)

Prequel Mod Apk Latest Version (Gold Unlocked)
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Prequel Mod Apk v1.76.0 Unlocked All Gold Mod Download, is editing application. The professional colors and modern filters that photographers use is included in it.

Name Prequel Apk
Publisher Prequel Inc.
Version v1.76.0
Size 205 MB
Price FREE
Updated On May 15, 2024
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Prequel Mod Apk is another cutting-edge photo editing application. The editing capabilities of the prequel are extended, and new effects are added to it. Its editing tools are newly developed. The professional colors and modern filters that professional photographers use is included in it.

It has so many filters that can make pictures entirely different from the original ones. Except for filters, there are so many tools that play an important role in enhancing the beauty of pictures. It meets all the requirements of its users.

Prequel Mod Apk V1.71.1

You can produce colorful videos and photographs with special effects. 3D image features are also present in it. Give your photo a 3D image view. To learn about the interesting Prequel app, continue reading and explore everything.

What is the Photo Editing Prequel MOD APK?

Prequel MOD APK is an app that can edit photos and videos. It has lots of filters that make photos unique and beautiful. Most of the time, mobile cameras are not able to capture the colors correctly, but show dull colors; in this way, you can use this app to improve colors.

It has many advanced editing tools. Settings of the app are under the user’s control. Users can customize filters by changing settings. Take a look at the interface of the Prequel app. Its interface is user-friendly. Everyone can use it without any worries.

Features of the Prequel APK

There are so many features of the Prequel MOD APK. All the features are very useful and make pictures beautiful efficiently. Read about its features.

Prequel Mod Apk V1.71.1 All Unlocked

Edit Videos Also

Prequel APK is not only restricted to photos. It can also edit videos. You can import videos in it because it has an in-built video editing feature. It has many presets for editing videos.

Improve Colors of Photos and Videos

Sometimes our mobile camera doesn't work properly and captures pictures with dull colors. No one likes dull-colored pictures. If your pictures are beautiful, but colors are dull, then you can improve colors with the colors improving feature of the Prequel app.

Make the Editing Process Easy

It is such an amazing application that makes the work of its users easy. Every user can edit easily. It has so many features and tools for editing. Access to all the tools and features is free without restrictions.

Apply filters on Photos and Videos

Filters are such things that add soul to pictures and videos. It means extra beauty in photos and videos. There are so many filters that this app has. Filters like parties and discos are present. Use the filters and give an extraordinary view to your pictures.

Prequel Mod Apk V1.71.1  Without Watermark

Add Beautiful Effects

To make photos unique and more effective, apply beautiful filters to them. Those filters that are in trend are Plastic, Miami, VHS, Prism, and so many others. These effects add uniqueness and charm.

3D Effects in Photos

Viewing an image in a 3D form is the most traditional method. Viewing a 3-dimensional image looks right, and the environment moves in front of the eyes.

Amazing User-Friendly Interface

The user interface matters a lot in every application. If the interface is user-friendly, then the application will definitely succeed. Prequel APK has a very simple and easy interface, which is called a user-friendly interface. Its interface is easily understandable to everyone, either a beginner or a professional.

No Paid Features

The prequel MOD APK is the modified version. It is completely free to use. It has no paid features. All the features that are paid for in the previous version are free in this version. Money is not required before downloading it.

Presets to Ease the Users

The aesthetic presets of this application make the work of users easy. Users only need to tap the options. Select beautiful effects and extraordinary filters and tap on them.

Prequel Mod Apk V1.71.1 Latest Version All Unlocked


Now we provide you with the information about the Prequel MOD APK which is an editing application. Not only photos but videos can also be edited in it. It provides amazing tools and features free of cost. It has a handpicked selection of very impressive filters.

It has a user-friendly interface. It gives a 3-dimensional view of the images. It has presets that make the user's work easy. After knowing too much about it, what are your views about the Prequel MOD APK? You should use it if you want to edit something.


Where can I get the Prequel MOD APK file?

Prequel MOD APK is the modified version, which is not available on Google Play or every website. You can download it from this link.

Is it free and secure?

Yes, it is totally free; no payment is required to download the Prequel MOD APK. Ans also it is secure and no harm.

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