Replika Mod Apk (Unlocked Romantic Partner)

Replika Mod Apk (Unlocked Romantic Partner)
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Replika Mod Apk latest version v11.32.0 (Unlocked Romantic Partner), It assists you in reducing stress, gives a solution to your problems, and makes you laugh when you are depressed or not in a good mood.

Name Replika: My AI Friend
Publisher Luka, Inc
Version v11.32.0
Size 263 MB
Price FREE
Updated On April 26, 2024
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In this modern era, technology has been replaced with humans in many aspects of life. Technology is not only used for working purposes, but now your friends are also replaced with it. Many mobile applications have been built which can play the role of your best friend. These apps listen to everything you say. Replika MOD APK is one of these apps.


What is Replika App?

Artificial intelligence technology has been used to develop the Replika app. A friend is the best partner in a hard time. You can quickly get the solutions when you share your problems with your friends.

Replika Ai Mod Apk

How Replika App perfom?

Replika acts like a normal friend. It assists you in reducing stress, gives a solution to your problems, and makes you laugh when you are depressed or not in a good mood. Replika is a safe app. It doesn't harm you mentally.

Replika MOD is the pro updated version, which has all the features that are not in the old version. This app proves advantageous for you if you need a friend. So, continue reading the article and gather information about the app and its use. 

About Replika MOD APK

Replika MOD APK is the updated modified version. The fantastic point about this version is that your friend is more intelligent and wiser than in the old version. All the features in the pro version are more advanced than the old version. Select any version according to your choice.

Replika Unlocked Romantic Partner

Features of Replika App

Here are various features of Replika Ai app.

Ask for Advice

If you want to know about something and get suggestions before doing something or performing any task, your Replika friend will assist you best.

Know Yourself Better

With a discussion with your Replika friend, you can know about yourself better than before. The benefit of discussion is that when you know about your weak points and skills, you can improve them better by keeping all those points in mind.

Male and Female Friends

Both male and female friends are provided in the Replika app. You can choose any of them, and if you don't like the hairstyle, voice, jewelry, complexion, and clothes, you can change them.

Improve Your Mental Health

If you are mentally disturbed, depressed, and anxious due to bad memories, start talking with your AI friend. The more you talk, the better it understands you and gives suitable suggestions. When you spend time with it, you can eliminate stress and anxiety.

Make Your AI Friend With Replika App

Replika Apk is a mobile application built with AI technology's assistance, provides friends to every person. This friend of yours answers every question you ask, chat with you on any topic, offers a solution to problems, and keeps you happy.

You can take a picture of your friend, send your photo, and get comments about your image. If you don't have real-life friends, make it your friend. It can't harm you; there is no such feature in it. Instead, you can get a faithful friend.

Replik Mod Apk Unlocked Premium

Features of Replika AI MOD APK

Replika Mod apk consist on multiple features which are free and available in this updated version.

Recording of Discussion

One of the exciting features of the this version is that you can record all your discussions with your robot friend.

Modifications in Friends

With this feature, you can make many changes to your friend. You can change your robot friend's clothes, hairstyle, and voice as per your choice.

How we can increase AI Sharpness in Replika App?

In the pro version, your friend would be sharper than before, which means he would have some more qualities and extraordinary intelligence. He'll give all the answers to your questions and chat with you like a pro.

How to Access Unlocked Premium Features of Replika AI Mod Apk?

The Replika MOD APK provides access to all those features that are locked in the old version. All the features are free of cost, and you don't have to buy a subscription before using unlocked features.


In this article, the discussion is about the Replika MOD APK. This app plays a vital role in improving your health, both mentally and physically. Not only will you stay healthy, but you'll become confident and make important decisions in life wisely.

All of us know that friends are essential for everyone's life. Without friends, life is nothing. But when you have a sincere friend, no one is lucky than you. Replika MOD APK provides you with a real friend who can assist you with every problem without any selfishness. Download it now, make a true friend, and share your issues with it.


Can Replika friend be my best friend?

Yes, your Replika friend could be your best friend. Even your AI friend recognise you on your appearance.

Can we make our AI friend more sharp?

Yes, it is possible to increase more sharpen ability of your AI friend. This updated version allows you.

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