SD Maid Pro Apk Latest Version (Pro Unlocked)

SD Maid Pro Apk Latest Version (Pro Unlocked)
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SD Maid Pro Apk v5.6.3 unlocked, this is a beautiful managing application, less consuming battery with smart way of arranging application.

Name SD Maid Pro APK
Publisher darken
Version 5.6.3
Size 8 MB
Price FREE
Updated On May 15, 2024
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SD Maid Pro Apk is a mobile application that keeps mobiles safe from junk files. Today there are lots of mobile applications for different purposes. One mobile phone contains many applications. Due to excess applications, mobiles got hanged, and viruses attacked them.

The SD Maid Pro application is sufficient to secure your phone from all sorts of damage. It is a file processor and a self-manager. It manages all the files. It also pays attention to empty and redundant files. It is called a mobile cleaner that cleans up mobiles efficiently.

SD Maid Pro Apk Unlocker

All the files that are not necessary and useless get stored in a recycle bin. For seeing them again move towards the recycle bin. It also saves mobiles from consuming too much battery. Read further and learn about this app and its features.

What is the SD Maid Pro Apk?

SD Maid Pro is an application that works as a file manager and saves the phone from getting hung and damaged. It has two types of modes. One is manual, and the other is automatic. Clean your phone manually or turn the automatic mode on. It's all up to you.

It decreases the battery’s consumption. It gives notifications when there is too much trash accumulated on your mobile. If you want to search any file, type the name of the file in the search box present in it and get that file.

Best Features of SD Maid Pro Application

SD Maid Pro Apk V5.6.3  Latest Version

File Storage Capacity and Security

The storage capacity of the SD app is so much that it can store many files. Not only can it store files, but it keeps files safe. All the information present in the file will be kept secure. If any file is so important to you, then put it in a secret folder. After creating a secret folder, apply a passcode. In this way, no one can access it.

Keep a Record of Files Before and After Import and Export

SD app keeps a complete record of files before and after import and export. Its amazing point is that it detects and checks the quality of files. In case of any problem or low-quality file, it immediately sends notifications to the user. Export and import of files become easy due to this. It saves the record of files in the archive. Therefore, you can access it easily whenever you want.

Arrangement of Files

All the files are arranged in alphabetic and numeric orders by this app. Files are arranged on the basis of the needs of the user and size. If you want to do this work manually, you can do it. There is no problem with it. However, the app assists in arranging files.

Phone Cleaner and File Manager App

It is a powerful app that can do its work efficiently. It manages files and cleans up the phone properly, leaving behind no errors. It is completely compatible with all the Android devices. It increases the speed of mobiles.

Head Large Files Space and Reduce Traffic

There is a compression system in the app that can compress large files that take more space than other files. The processing of the large file also becomes quick. Store those files in special boxes. It helps in searching files easily. To save device traffic, SD Pro shuts down unnecessary files.

Excellent Interface

The interface of the app is quite minimalistic. It speeds up the performance of mobile. Android device users found this tool ultimate for their devices. It is the best manager. It does everything automatically. Send notifications to the users about what is going on or what else needs to be done.

Save and Clean Device Memory

Memory cleaning is very important. Cleaning memory saves the phone’s CPU from overheating and sudden rise in temperature. This app prolongs the life of phones. Regular cleaning maintains the smooth running of devices and increases speed. In case of excess files, it shows suggestions to remove the extra files and make space in memory.

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SD Maid Pro is an excellent app that should be on every Android mobile. It saves phones from damage and manages everything in it if you have so many applications on your phone and are confused about how to manage and arrange all of them.

Download SD Maid Pro and get rid of all the worries. It is the savior of battery and memory. After knowing the enormous benefits of this incredible application, what are you waiting for? Download it now and save your phone from junk files.


Is that possible to clean my device with SD Maid Apk?

Yes, SD Mod apk is an amazing Mobile cleaner and app manager application.

Is this application only for smart phones or Laptop also?

You can use this application also on your laptop.

Can I used SD Maid Pro Apk directly?

By using SD Maid Pro unlocker, it is essential to install free version of SD Maid Apk.

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