Spotify Mod Apk v8.8.70.532 (Spotify Ltd)

Spotify Mod Apk V8.8.70.532  (Spotify Ltd)
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Spotify Mod Apk is an app where you can listen to many songs with perfect audio and without interruption.

Name Spotify Premium Apk
Publisher Spotify AB
Version v8.8.64.554
Size 72 MB
Price FREE
Updated On April 26, 2024
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Many music lovers try to find music apps to listen to many songs. And need help finding them from other platforms. Spotify is the best and above from all these platforms provide songs.

Spotify Mod Apk is an app where you can listen to many songs with perfect audio and without interruption. This app provides you with all types of songs of the world. You can listen to any music according to your choice. 

Spotify gives access to unlimited songs. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs. You can share your favorite songs with your friends and also listen to the songs of friends. With this app, you can connect your device with speakers. 

Spotify Premium Mod APK

This song listening app has two versions. The old version is Spotify APK, and the updated version is Spotify Premium MOD APK. The updated version covers the all unlocked features provides in premium version. If you are a music lover and want to know more about this app, continue reading the article.

Spotify APK

Spotify Apk is a music app in which all types of songs from all over the world are available. This app was made in 2006. But it has much fame due to its good sound effects and kinds of music. But one of the defects of this app is that you have access to limited songs. For unlimited access, you have to pay to buy its subscription.

While listening to songs, ads disturb you. Ads during the music is the major defect of this old version, even after buying its subscription. So, to listen to songs without interruption by ads, use the premium version of Spotify APK.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium Mod Version

This is the new version of the Spotify app. This version is free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny. You can download unlimited songs and create a playlist of complete songs. It has no restrictions. 

There is no risk of security or privacy. Your details can’t be leaked. This app is completely secure and with no virus. Another important thing is that none of the single ads spoil your mood while listening to songs. 

Types of Subscription of Spotify APK

This music source provides four types of subscription plans to its users. All the subscriptions vary in price, features, and access. New users of Spotify get the automatically activated plan, which contains defects like ads, six-song skip options, and ominous sound effects.

Beyond this, you can use other subscription plan options according to your choice. You’ll get the benefit of these plans. Let’s discuss all these four types in detail. 

Family Plan

Six users at a time use this plan. The features of this plan include no interruption of ads, good quality music, and a never-ending songs skip option whenever you want. All users should be in the same place for the smooth running of the app. 

Kids Plan

This app also gives kids a plan facility. Kids also listen to their favorite songs. Most of the kids are fond of the music. Therefore, this app facilitates the kids. But the subscription is paid.

Individual Plan

This is the individual subscription plan. This plan facilitates those who want only one subscription. This plan offers ads-free music, and you can download unlimited songs without restrictions. 

Students Plan 

Spotify also provides a Student's plan. Students can get this opportunity with the help of their CNIC or payments. The students' plan is very beneficial for the students. 

Duo Plan

This plan is entirely like the individual plan. But the difference between these two is that the personal plan is only for one person while the Duo Plan is for two persons. Two users can use this plan at a time, and the third person can’t use it because he has no access.

Spotify Mod Apk

Spotify Premium MOD APK Features

Let’s discuss the unique and captivating features of Spotify Premium MOD APK.

Avoid Unlike Song

In the Spotify Mod Apk version, you can avoid the song you do not want to listen to. You can skip many songs without limitation when listening to playlist songs. But in the old version, you can cut only six songs. 

Good Sound Effects

The sound effects of songs in the Spotify Premium Mod Apk app become better day by day with time. For the new users of this app, Spotify gives 160kbps sound quality. With the passage of time, when you become an old user, you’ll receive 320kbps of good-quality sound. 

No Interruption of Ads

The best feature of Spotify Premium Mod Apk premium version is that ads are not interrupted. Ads are the biggest interruption during song listening because they spoil the entire pleasant mood. So, instead of the old version of this music app, use the premium version for full enjoyment.

Unlimited Downloads

In the old version, you have the restriction of downloading only limited songs. Therefore, you can’t download the new songs. But the premium version overcomes this complaint. You can download unlimited songs. All types of songs can be downloaded easily.

Repetition of Songs

In this Spotify Premium free lifetime version, you can create a playlist with a repetition of songs. In this way, you can listen to your favorite songs again and again. While this feature is not available in the old version. All the extra features unavailable in the old version are in the premium version.

Spotify Premium Mod APK

Spotify MOD APK Installation Process

If you think this is an APK file and it is difficult to download it, then you are wrong. Its installation process is straightforward. But, if you want to know the installation process, follow the given steps.


Open the browser on your mobile phone. In the search bar, type the Spotify Premium MOD APK link. 


Open the settings of the mobile phone, go to the privacy and security option, and enable the unknown resources option.


Now open the folder in which you install this platform. 


Press the link, and then this application will be installed.


In this article, the discussion is on the Spotify MOD APK, which is a music app. This app is beneficial for the music lovers. In this app, music lovers can listen to any song whenever they want. Not only this, its features are outstanding. The old version contained ads, low-quality sounds, limited access, and only six song skip options per day. But in the premium version, all the defects of the old version are overcome. But you have to buy a subscription to the premium version. But Spotify Premium Mod Apk provides you unlocked featured items free. And there will be no need to pay any amount.  


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