SUBWAY SURFERS MOD APK Unlimited Characters (Coins and Keys)

SUBWAY SURFERS MOD APK Unlimited Characters (Coins And Keys)
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SUBWAY SURFERS MOD APK Updated version v3.28.0 with unlimited character (Money/Coins/Key), this is the best game to get rid of boredom. It is very famous among people of different ages.

Publisher SYBO Games
Version v3.28.0
Size 94.9 MB
Price FREE
Updated On April 26, 2024

Every one of us is familiar with the game Subway Surfers. This is the best game to get rid of boredom. It is very famous among people of different ages. It is available everywhere on the internet for free.

Your experience is so good after playing Subway Surfers Mod Apk. In this game, the player keeps running, and you have to provide direction to the player for collecting coins and many boosters and rewards. You have to run consistently without hitting any hurdles because the policeman and his dog always try to catch you.

The running area is the railway tracks. You can run on the trains. Keep running and make a high score. The player's speed increases as the score increases, so you need to play more attentively to get more points.

Subway Surfers Mod Apk

This game makes you enthusiastic. You can collapse with the hurdles due to a little carelessness, and the constable and his dog will catch you. Its gameplay is also fascinating. Therefore, to know more about the game, continue reading.

 About Subway Surfers APK

Subway Surfers APK is a game in which the player runs continuously to save himself from the chasers, a fat policeman and his dog. So, to get rid of them, you have to run, and while running, you’ll earn coins and win many boosters, keys, and rewards.

You can buy different items with the coins, and with the keys, you can unlock the locked items. But you can use some of the features in this version for free. All the other features are paid. Pay before using them.

Subway Surfers Mod Apk

What is Subway Surfers MOD Apk?

As you know, the Subway Surfers APK gives free access to only some features. Everyone can’t buy the locked features. Therefore, a transformed version of Subway Surfers is introduced. This version provides all the features for free.

Everything is unlimited in the game. Enjoy never-ending coins, keys, and boosters. Buy anything for the players. There are no ads in this version. You can enjoy the game without any ad interruption. 

Subway Surfers Features

Let’s discuss the fantastic features of the Subway Surfers APK.

Subway Surfers Mod Apk (Unlimited Character)

Gather Coins

While running, you’ll see lots of coins in your way. You have to collect all of the coins. But be careful while collecting coins because barriers will stop you from collecting coins. When you collapse with the obstacles, the constable will catch you. With the coins, you can upgrade players, buy their clothes, and do many tasks.

Increase the time limit of Boosters     

Lots of boosters come in your way. When you take boosters, they vanish after a few seconds. But there is a solution to this problem. You can increase the time limit of the boosters. This is done with the coins that you collect.


The colorful graphics of the game make it the most popular. The railway tracks and the colorful trains increase the game's beauty and attract most people. The players of the game have unique dresses and you can change their clothes and style.

Reached Over the Train

Multiple Color trains not only enhance the beauty of the game, but you can run on the trains. Trains can be moving or stationary. Run on the trains and collect coins and boosters.

Subway Surfers Mod APK Features

Like the hacked version, its features are gorgeous. Let’s discuss the features of the MOD version.

Access to All the Players

In the cheated version, all the players are available for free, and you don’t need to unlock any player. Select any player you like and play the game.

Never Ending Coins

In the previous version, you had to collect coins to buy and unlock different items, and the coins finished after spending. But this version offers you unlimited coins. Coins will never be finished. Spend the coins anywhere and on anything you want.

Never Ending Keys

Like coins, keys are also unlimited in the MOD version. With the unlimited keys, unlock as many treasure boxes and hoverboards as you want. The beautiful and unique hoverboards are ready to open. This facility is not provided in the old version. 

Access to All the Features

The MOD version provides access to all the features. In contrast, many features are locked in the old version. To use those locked features, you have to buy them, but in the modified version, there is no need to purchase features. All are available for free.

Subway Surfers Apk Mod


In this article, the discussion is on the Subway Surfers MOD APK. Information of both the old and new versions is provided to you. The premium version overcomes the old version. The graphics of the game are colorful and captivating. 

The features of the game attract you the most. Collect coins and keys and unlock many items. In the Modified version, coins, keys, and boosters are unlimited. You can play it offline and online. I hope you have figured out all the information. So, download the game now, enjoy it, and make your boring routine exciting.

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